About us

BAKERY by frothy monkey is a full service bakery in East Nashville that bakes pastries and rustic breads daily. {See more about Frothy Monkey below} Our BAKERY location offers a walk up counter where baked goods are available as well as a menu of bakery inspired breakfast and lunch items. We also have a menu of  bakery focused breakfast and lunch items, some grab and go and some made to order. There is minimal indoor seating and all items are packaged to go.

All of our bread and pastries are available for wholesale and can currently be found at various restaurants around Nashville including our own Frothy Monkey full service locations. Please contact emily@frothymonkey.com for wholesale information.

We also offer catering and special orders. Please contact  for catering emily@frothymonkey.com information.

The BAKERY is located in East Nashville at the Shoppes on Fatherland. 1010 Fatherland Street, Nashville, TN 37206.

Follow us on instagram @frothymonkeybakery and twitter @fmbakery as well as on facebook at fb.com/frothymonkeybakery
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Who is Frothy Monkey?

Although our BAKERY location has only been open since May 1, 2015, Frothy Monkey has been a source of conscientiously crafted coffee and food, and a meeting place for local professionals, families, friends and creatives since 2004.  It was one of the first coffeehouse concepts in Nashville and one of the cornerstone businesses to open in the transformed 12th South Nashville neighborhood. Frothy Monkey has locations on 12th Avenue South, 8th Avenue South, and 5th Avenue North in Nashville, TN as well as in Downtown Franklin, TN.  We started roasting our own coffee in the summer of 2014. Our BAKERY location showcases the best from our talented and creative bakers.

The brand is a staple in the Nashville community and a proud member of the neighborhoods we serve. You can count on Frothy to deliver quality, creativity, and approachability in everything we create. Our relationships with farmers and others who care about where ingredients come from is at the center of who we are.

Everything is served with Frothy Love.

Find more information about Frothy Monkey at www.frothymonkey.com